The Quarry Campground Guidelines

Please take a moment to review the policies – they are in place to assure the safety and comfort of everyone.

Rules and Regulations

Please read carefully. If you have any questions, we will be happy to discuss them with you. All guests/visitors assume all risks and danger incidental to the activity of camping in a rustic outdoor environment including specifically (but not limited to), the danger of being injured or killed by insects or other animals, of being injured while participating in recreational activities, such as swimming or outdoor sports at the campground and/or being injured as a result of inclement weather conditions, and agrees that the campground and its owners, agents and employees are not liable for injuries or property damage resulting from such risks and dangers.

Adherence to the rules is your responsibility and misuse of the campground or disobeying the rules may result in expulsion from the campground with no refunds.

  • Cancellations: We do not give refunds or credit due to weather. Cancellations require a minimum of 14 days’ notice for campsites and rentals. Refunds with appropriate notice will receive a refund of the paid amount less 10% service fee. Cancellations less than 14 days’ notice will not receive any refunds with no exceptions.
  • Check-In / Check-Out: Check in is 1:00 pm on the day of your arrival. Check out is 11:00 am on the day of your departure.
  • Reservation Payments: Reservations must be paid for in full at time of booking.
  • Extra Persons: Reservations are for 2 adults and children under the age of 21. Extra adults are $5 per night and children under the age of 18 are free, extra person fees must be paid at time of booking.
  • Firewood: The Quarry does not allow outside wood of any kind to be brought into our park. We will confiscate it. This is to protect the trees within our park from the wood/tree insects that have become prevalent throughout the CT area in recent years. We do sell bundled wood at a discount at the store and have cord wood available for those staying for longer duration.
  • Fires: Campfires can never be left unattended. All campfires must be extinguished at midnight. Only firewood is to be burned in pits and fires must be maintained at a reasonable height.
  • Quiet Hours: 11:00 pm to 8:00 am. All youth under the age of 21 must be back at their sites by 10:30 pm (curfew) unless accompanied by an adult. Please have consideration for your camping neighbors.
  • Bathrooms: Please be respectful of other campers and the property when using the bath houses. No dish washing may be done in sinks. Clean up after yourself and report any shortage of materials or issues you might observe to staff.
  • Laundry Facilities: The laundry room is open 24/7 and located near the office at the front of the campground. The machines are coin operated, and you can obtain change at the store. Do not leave clothing in machines for extended periods of time when they are not running. The Quarry campground is not responsible for any damage of theft of property that is left unattended.
  • Bikes: Bikes are to be ridden responsibly, according to the same rules followed by motorized vehicles. Bikes may not be ridden on grassy common areas. Bike helmets are strongly recommended and required by state law for anyone under the age of 16. Bikes must be returned to site and may not be ridden after dusk. Respect pedestrians and bike at your own risk.
  • Swimming: Swimming hours are 8:00 am to 7:00 pm, no swimming is permitted after hours. A lifeguard or other responsible person does not supervise the swimming areas at The Quarry Campground. In place of on-site supervisor, this campground has established a series of safeguards to be followed by all guests. Your participation in any water activity is done at your own risk. Rescue equipment is at the beach side. If you notice any problem with the water quality or absence of water rescue equipment, please notify us at once. NEVER SWIM ALONE. A minimum of 1 adult, 18 years or older must be present whenever the swimming pond is in use. THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR ADEQUATE SUPERVISION. A parent or guardian must accompany children under 16 years of age. I understand that there is no lifeguard on duty at this campground. Do not drink alcoholic beverages and swim or participate in water sports. Guests must swim in designated areas. Diving or jumping into the water is strictly prohibited.
  • Fishing: Fishing permitted in fishing pond only. Catch & release policy. Bait and fishing pole rentals available at campground store.
  • Scooters/Electric vehicles: Scooters, electric vehicles, including children’s toy electric-operated vehicles are not permitted at any time. This includes adult and children scooters, mopeds, and other motorized bikes, as well. The Quarry Campground has the right to request any activity deemed unsafe or disruptive to be stopped and/ or put away without further notice.
  • Pets: Pets must current with inoculation shots and remain on leash at all times. When tied to your camper, dogs must be secured by a strong leash that does not extend off the site in any directions, not tied to a tree. Please practice common courtesy and pick up after your pet and properly dispose of after. Pets are not allowed on the swimming beach. We reserve the right to ask you to remove your pet from the park. No visitor pets. No pets in the office, bathrooms or buildings. Owners must fill out a pet waiver upon booking.
  • Trash: Please use dumpsters located throughout the campground. Do not leave trash out overnight.
  • Alcohol: The Quarry Campground allows the consumption of alcohol on your campsite only, and never in any buildings, roads, beach area or any common areas of the park. Driving a motorized vehicle, including cars, trucks and golf carts, while under the influence of alcohol or while consuming alcohol is not allowed at any time within The Quarry Campground property.
  • Firearms/Drones/Fireworks: We do not allow firearms or any projectile weapons of any kind. We also do not allow drones or fireworks at the campground.
  • Vandalism: Please be respectful of The Quarry Campground property. Acts of vandalism of any kind will not be tolerated and could result in expulsion from the campground.
  • ​Visitors: Visitors will be charged $5 per person per day (ages 18 and up), regardless of arrival or departure time. Visitors will not be allowed to bring their vehicles to your site for any reason- it must remain at the front in the visitor’s lot. Visitors may not bring pets. Visitors must adhere to all campground rules and regulations. These rates are for all visitors, regardless of visit whether you are visiting seasonal or weekend campers – and all other rules still apply.
  • In conjunction with your use of The Quarry Campground facility the undersigned acknowledges that this is an open, outdoor park that provides staffing for administrative and guest services based on occupancy. The Quarry Campground does not provide emergency service personnel. In the event of an emergency, you must call 911 and report your call. Also call the office when open or the after-hours emergency phone listed on the front door of the office.

Seasonal Site Rules & Regulations

  • Abandonment: Your site will be considered abandoned, and therefore available, if you remove your unit from the site without notifying the office, in writing. No refunds will be issued if you vacate early.
  • Bulk waste: Bulk waste must be removed from your site and the park and is not the responsibility of management. Bulk waste items may not be disposed of near or in dumpsters. This includes broken or retired furniture, awnings, gazebos, grills, and other large items that do not classify as bagged household trash.
  • Cancellation Policy: Cancellation of a seasonal site 30 days prior to arrival will be refunded the amount paid, excluding the initial $200 deposit which is non-refundable and a 10% administration fee.
  • Cleanliness of site and surrounding: Please keep your site neat and clean. Be considerate of your neighbors at all times. Nothing should be stored behind your site, under your unit, or behind it. Clear your site of any broken, faded, or dead objects. Propane tanks must remain in good condition and be painted and labeled. No plastic covers or tarps of any kind, except commercial gas grill covers. Appliances are not to be placed outside of the unit. Tablecloths need to be removed from tables when leaving the park at the end of the weekend. Management reserves the right to ask for the removal of any items deemed unsightly.
  • Damages: The Quarry will not be held responsible for damage resulting from natural causes or acts of nature, such as falling limbs, extreme storms, or other such situations. It is the camper’s responsibility to maintain adequate insurance to cover these misfortunes.
  • Golf Carts:
    • Driven by licensed drivers age 21+ only
    • Capacity cannot exceed the greater of 4 people, or the capacity for which the cart has seats
    • Speed limit (5mph) must be observed at all times
    • Carts must stay on same roads cars travel only
    • Carts must follow the directional signs of all designated roads
    • Children are not allowed to sit on the drivers lap or operate the cart while on the driver’s lap
    • Carts may not be driven down dirt paths, around buildings, around ponds, or in areas between buildings
    • Carts must have legible signage on both sides indicating site #
    • Only electric golf carts allowed
    • Golf carts to be driven by seasonal campers only
    • Appropriate insurance must be maintained for golf cart
    • Carts are to be parked at your site between the hours of 11:00 pm and 8:00 am.
    • Golf carts must be always utilized responsibly, or cart privileges will be terminated.
    • Limit of 1 golf cart max per site
    • The Quarry has the right to request any activity deemed unsafe or disruptive to be stopped and to terminate golf cart privileges at any time
  • Late Fees: Any payment received by The Quarry after the 5th of each month will incur a $50 late fee charge added to all site fees.
  • Laundry: Laundry is not to be line dried. Clotheslines are not permitted. Drying racks must be self-standing or part of your RV.
  • Meters: Electrical meters will be read on a regular basis. An invoice will be sent out after each reading, which will be due, in full, upon receipt. Anyone tampering with any electrical usage reading apparatus will be requested to leave the park immediately with no refunds of any kind. Locks are not allowed. If you have any concerns regarding your meters, please see the office. During statewide power deficiencies, campers are obligated to conserve power.
  • Noise Emitting Activities are prohibited weekends from 4/1 through 10/1, without the express approval of management in writing prior to the start of work being done. This includes but is not limited to leaf-blowing, power washing, cutting of wood, splitting of logs, using power equipment and chain saws, construction of sheds, decks, gazebos, and other site improvements, and all other noise-emitting activities.
  • No Soliciting of any kind is permitted. Including selling or servicing of any type or form, without the approval of management. Our primary concern is to protect our campers from commercial situations.
  • Pets are permitted in the park, under the following premises. They must not be allowed to disturb fellow campers. Any continuously barking dog will not be tolerated. Dogs must be picked up after and kept on a leash that is no longer than 5 feet. If a dog is involved in any incidents with other pets or campers, the incident must be reported to the office immediately. Please be prepared to show a license and rabies certificate.
    • If the other pet involved must go to the vet, it will be your responsibility to pay the vet bill. In addition, the town animal warden may take your dog for verification of rabies and quarantine, if records cannot be presented. Pets must not be left on site unattended at any time. Only 2 pets per site. No pets in buildings, bathrooms, in water, or at the beach area. Signs are posted indicating areas pets are not allowed.
  • Pump Outs Are included in your site fee from May 1 through October 15 on Monday and Wednesday. (Weather permitting). There is a $50 fee for pump outs on unscheduled days. All units must use an adequate amount of management approved decomposing chemicals or they will not be serviced. Clogged and/ or plugged tanks are the responsibility of the individual camper. Sign up in the office or by calling/emailing.
  • Replacement of Unit: Replacement of your existing unit must be approved by the office in advance.
  • Sale of Units: If your unit is sold prior to May 1st, all fees you pay will be reimbursed at time of sale, less the deposit and first payment. If your camper is to stay at The Quarry, the new owner must complete a seasonal application and be approved prior to the transfer of ownership. The new owner will be responsible for all site fees. If sold after May 1st, please see the office for details. If selling on your own, you must pay your deposit and continue to make monthly payments until your unit sells. At the point it sells, the new owner must be approved first, and they will pay a prorated seasonal fee, based on the date of transfer. Your refund will be based on a conversion to transient camping rates at the time of transfer, less your non-refundable deposit and first month’s payment, and 10% processing fee. It is not allowable to “include your site” in the sale of your unit. The two are separate transactions and must be handled as such. Selling your unit does not guarantee the site will stay with it. It is always the discretion of management to allow or deny the unit to be allowed to stay on the site. There are times when some units need to be removed from the park, based on their condition or other site usage. Please always see management regarding campers’ sales for details, even if trying to sell on your own.
  • Seasonal stay is from May 1 through October 15. If you wish to use the park before May 1 or after October 15, you must register at the office upon arrival and at departure. Even if the office is closed, there is a registration sheet outside the door. you are allowed a fifteen-minute trip in and out of your site but must register your “in” and “out” time at the office. Staying beyond fifteen minutes will incur a fee of $10 per day. All campers must leave by 3pm. There are no exceptions. The Quarry is not a year-round park, and therefore are mandated to keep the visits to the park during the off season to a minimum.
  • Servicing: Please be aware that servicing (shutting off gas, closing windows, dropping awnings, checking furnaces, refrigerators, a/c, programming televisions, etc., for any unit is to be handled directly with the service company of your choice. If The Quarry is asked to service your unit, you will be charged $50 per unit minimum, under all circumstances and an additional charge of $35 per person per hour may be incurred accordingly if needed to conduct the service. The Quarry does not loan tools.
  • Sheds, decks, screen rooms: No sheds, shacks, decks, screen rooms, storage bins, animal houses, etc., are to be built or installed without written approval of management. Storage sheds (one per site) need to be approved on a yearly basis, one canopy per site. No construction may be conducted at your sites from Memorial Day through Labor Day weekends and midweek. Midweek work needs to have approval from management prior to work being done.
  • Stone walls, trees, wildlife are to remain undisturbed. Please see that nothing is nailed to trees. No growth is to be disturbed without express approval of management.
  • Sub-leasing: Please be aware that subleasing is against all policies. No one is allowed to use your camper without you present.
  • Termination: If a site is terminated for any reason before the season ends, all site fees revert to non-long-term rates.
  • Theft and Vandalism: The Quarry will not be held responsible for any theft or vandalism occurring at your units or from your sites. It is your responsibility to maintain adequate insurance and to report any theft or vandalism issues to management, and, if necessary, report them to the police.
  • Water: Available May 1 to October 15. Bathrooms are open May 1 through October 15, weather and temperature permitting. Water must be turned off when you leave or there will be a $100 fine.
  • Trash: It is the responsibility of each seasonal camper to remove their trash from their site on a regular basis to the dumpsters provided. Management is not responsible for non-trash items left at the roadside. All non-trash items need to be removed from the park. If caught putting bulky waste items in a dumpster or leaving at the dumpster area, you will be fined.
  • Vehicles: 2 vehicles are permitted to be on your site at any time, all of which must be off the road. Each vehicle must be identified with an appropriate sticker; this will allow patrol to protect your site. Seasonal vehicle stickers will be provided at the start of the season, providing your account is current.
  • Visitors: A member of the registered camping family must be present to accept visitors.
  • A married child over the age of 21, or one not living in the immediate household, or a child that is divorced or has a child of their own is considered to be a visitor and are charged the regular visitor rates (currently $5 per day). All visitors must stop in and register at the office for visitor passes. All visitor vehicles are to remain in the visitor parking lot. Visitors may not bring pets.
  • Winter Storage: Nothing is to be left on the site or under your units during winter storage time. A grill, a deck, an issued picnic table, a shed, and a golf cart are all that are allowed. Any windmills, wind chimes, planters, chairs, tables, storage cabinets, carpets, pipes, ladders, etc. – must all be removed from site or placed in your unit during the winter months. A charge of $50 per hour will be added to your site fee if management needs to remove any items from your site.
  • Management reserves the right of eviction for any infraction of policy, or any type of behavior deemed inappropriate or unsafe in order to ensure the well-being of all campers at The Quarry. The Quarry will deny approval for stay to anyone on Connecticut’s sex offender registry. The Quarry may also ask any prospective campers whether or not you are on the registry. All seasonal campers are required to have a permanent address in a town where you are a registered voter. Anyone asked to leave The Quarry for any reason will be considered a trespasser and thereby subject to no refunds, arrest, and/or prosecution. Please be aware that this agreement does not constitute a landlord-tenant agreement. The Quarry is for transient lodging only.

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